Casting light on aluminum and copper

Based on its global appeal, this is WAI’s third offering of this masterfully crafted program for aluminum and copper continuous casting practitioners.

Experts from all regions unite to share the latest industry developments. The forum features a combined general session, separate tracks for each discipline, a total of 38 presentations, ‘nextworking’ events, and time to see the Interwire exhibits.

If you are involved with continuous casting of aluminum or copper, this concentrated program is for you.

Watch a short message from WAI President W.T. Bigbee

Hot spots:

Cost-saving panels

Listen in on two separate panels as casting experts discuss cost-savings methods in management and technology.

Global copper market outlook

It is widely assumed that the rising dollar, coupled with international trade issues, is weighing on copper prices. This presentation reveals how the market is likely to evolve.

Melter furnace technologies for the aluminum industry

Learn about furnace types for typical melting applications, including environmental aspects, importance of correct combustion system management, and controls for a melter furnace.

Running a copper rod line: A tricky business

This presentation details the hidden issues that make CCR lines so tricky to operate and reveals how to achieve better results on a consistent and repeatable basis.

New technology

A new high-speed eddy current testing system handles round, ovate, and fine wire; improves flaw detection and minimizes false rejects. Find out how the system can be used in-line during production, or adapted for off-line testing.

Business challenges for copper continuous casting

Glimpse a vision of the future for the sector with emphasis on eco-sustainability. See how soft skills and technological know-how have to coexist for the business model to be successful.

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Access these following, with your registration:


Global Continuous Casting Forum (GCCF) sessions

Aluminum or copper, the GCCF has a comprehensive track for both.

Course materials

Each GCCF registrant receives a printed binder of course handouts and a thumb drive with materials in digital format.

Interwire and IFME exhibits

You will see more than 400 companies exhibiting at the Interwire Exposition and dozens more exhibits at the International Fastener Manufacturing Exposition, adjacent to Interwire.

Production solutions demos

Learn how to tackle manufacturing challenges such as wire breaks and other common problems from the experts who have succeeded.

Champion’s Code presentation

Best-selling author Ross Bernstein’s is an award-winning business speaker whose program is all about the DNA of what makes champions in sports so unique and how that relates to business.

Exclusive to this registration choice:


Choice of Aluminum or Copper track

All GCCF registrants have the benefit of a combined general session and then a choice of the aluminum or copper track.

GCCF cocktail hour on Monday

Take this chance to mingle with colleagues prior to the official start of the GCCF program.

Tuesday lunch

Your registration also includes lunch onsite on Tuesday with class participants.

Wednesday dinner

The group also shares a meal off campus on Wednesday evening. Location to be announced.

Interwire welcome reception

This grand location, adjacent to the Georgia World Congress Center, is the site of WAI’s most popular reception. The site boasts interactive attractions and fun for college football fans of all ages. New this year is a half-hour performance by comedian John Floyd in the Game Day Theater.

‘Nextworking’ with GCCF participants

The camaraderie of the group was evident during the past two forums. You will get to know practitioners from around the globe during the GCCF activities.
Access the Casting Forum, “Nextworking" with casting peers, and see more than 400 exhibitors !

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Find out why casting practitioners from around the world return to be part of this global forum. If you are involved with continuous casting of aluminum or copper, choose the Global Continuous Casting Forum when you register.